peeta has never been more proud of himself than he has at this moment

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I get to choose who I surround myself with. I don’t wanna be comfortable, I don’t wanna be content all the time. I wanna meet people that shock me and that show me aspects of myself that I didn’t know I had.

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Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!
↳ Disney Princesses + waking up

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@myself what the fuck are you doing

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“I think collectively, it’s our eighth or ninth Coachella, but this is our first time performing. We were approached a couple of months ago, and we were about to do a tour in Australia and were in Singapore and jet-lagged and didn’t even know what way was up, but when we heard the news, we hysterically started crying.” - HAIM

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Vanity is a silly thing to be obsessed with because… it sounds cliche but it leads you to emptiness; it goes away.

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“He’s a really nice guy. He’s totally chill and he’s fun to hang out with, and he’s fun to be on set with. We had a great time.” [x]

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Mathilda, I’m glad you don’t have a stomach ache any more. I don’t think it means anything. 

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